LeSean McCoy Signs New Deal with Eagles

20 May

In the 2011-2012 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles were expected to be one of the NFL’s most elite, top teams. Unfortunately, the Eagles were far from that. Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles finished 8-8, third place, in the NFC East division. It was a very strange and unexpected season of failure for the Eagles organization. Inconsistent plays by the Eagles defense, countless injuries to key players like Micheal Vick, a lack of coaching and finishing games, and player feuds resulted in the 8-8 season. Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid has vowed to put the Eagles back on track and to make them into a playoff caliber team in 2012-2013.

This past week the Eagles organization made a move in the right direction for the 2012-2013 NFL campaign. The Eagles confronted a major problem during this 2012 off season, which was running back LeSean McCoy. On Thursday, May 17th, the Eagles front office signed McCoy to a brand new contract, which was a five-year, $45 million deal. His contract also guaranteed more than $20.76 million. The Eagles made sure they took care of their franchise running who will lead them into the future.

In 2010, LeSean McCoy exploded onto the NFL scene. He became one of the league’s most dangerous running backs with his unique running style. In 2011, McCoy went from a good running back to an elite player of his position. He ran for 1,309 yards, scoring 17 rushing touchdowns, and he also had 315 receiving yards, with 3 receiving touchdowns. By far, McCoy was the NFL’s best running back of 2011. Not only can he make big plays on the ground, he can also be a receiver out of the back field. His 20 total touchdowns was the most recorded by any player in the NFL in 2011.


The Philadelphia Eagles made a wise investment for their future, because McCoy is not only the best running back in the NFL, but he is still very young at the age of 23. He still hasn’t reached his prime playing years, and if he can stay healthy for the near future, he can be a major offensive weapon for the Philadelphia Eagles offense with his ability on the ground and receiving, McCoy can lead the Eagles deep into the playoffs in the near future, and eventually to a Superbowl. In 2011, McCoy was one of the main components to the success of the Eagles offense. He is a multi-talented running back who can run and catch. His ability to make big explosive runs to the inside and outside, and to read defensive strategies, makes him one of the smartest running backs in the game. He is a prized running back to have, and the rest of the 31 NFL franchises wish they had the “Real McCoy” on their team.

LeSean McCoy is a new breed of NFL running back. His ability to read defensive strategies and schemes is a bonus. He has a high football IQ. At this current pace, and with his performances in the past, if McCoy can stay healthy for the rest of his professional career and record big stats, he will arguably be a Hall of Famer one day. Running back is probably the toughest position in the NFL. McCoy is used at least 70% of the time on offense, and unfortunately if this trend continues, then the wear and tear will show over then next few seasons. Signing any player to a $45 million deal is a risk, because of injury, but its a risk all teams have to make in order to make a serious push from the regular season, into the playoffs.

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